Dart tips

dart tips

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You can do this as long as your legs or feet do not cross the throw line. However, leaning too far forward can compromise your stance and your throw.

Hold the barrel of the dart with at least three fingers. The barrel is the raised part on the dart, closer to the center of the dart.

Grip the barrel of the dart with your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. You can then also hold it at the end of the barrel with your ring finger if you want a more stable grip.

Do not curl your fingers as you grip the dart. Instead, keep them long and open. Keep in mind a dart with a shorter barrel will usually require fewer fingers for gripping.

A dart with a longer barrel may require more fingers to maintain a good grip. Keep your grip stable but not too firm.

Do not grip the dart so tightly that your fingers turn white or the muscles in your fingers feel tense. Darts is a game of touch, rather than force.

Your grip should be just tight enough to keep the dart in place and maintain control over it. You can then adjust your grip so it is a bit tighter as needed.

Raise the dart to eye level. Swing your front arm forward, gripping the dart with your fingers. Keep your shoulder still as you raise the dart to eye level, just to the side of your eye.

Make sure your elbow is pointing at the dartboard. Tilt the tip of the dart slightly upward. Keep the end of the dart tilted upward slightly, towards the dartboard.

Do not let the tip drop downward or to the side, as this will affect your aim. Align the tip of the dart with your target on the board.

Do not aim to the right or left of your target, as this will usually lead to a poor throw. Use your dominant eye to help you aim.

Your dominant eye is usually on the same side as your dominant hand. So if you are right-handed, your right eye will be the dominant one.

Try looking at the board with your dominant eye open and your other eye closed to help you aim. Throw the dart with your hand and wrist.

Pull your hand slightly back as you throw. Use your hand, wrist, and elbow for speed. Keep your shoulder still for support. Place more weight on your front foot as you throw the dart.

Keep your body still and straight. Only your arm should be moving when you throw the dart. Your elbow may raise up slightly when you throw the dart.

This is okay, as it may move upward due to the force of your throw. Snap your wrist as you release the dart. Let your wrist snap forward as you release the dart.

Make sure your wrist does not snap downward, as this will cause the dart to fly downward. It can also result in a more accurate and consistent throw.

Follow through at the end of the throw. Once you have released the dart, let your arm continue in a throwing motion so your fingers are pointing towards your target, or down at the floor.

Allow your arm to hover in the air for a moment before you drop it down. This will help you maintain good form at the end of your throw.

Practice once a day. A big part of being good at darts is consistency. Improve your throw by practicing darts at least once a day for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Aim at different targets on the dartboard. Challenge yourself to hit the same target in a row. The more you practice, the better your darts game will be.

Participate in public games. Strike up a friendly game of darts at your local pub. Invite friends over to play darts at your house.

Play against dart players of different skill levels and styles to improve your technique. Join a darts league. To get in the habit of playing darts regularly, look for a darts league in your area.

Ask around at your local bar or form your own league with friends. You can then enter local darts competitions or contests and compete against others as a team.

You should have a bit more weight on your front foot, but never lift up your back one. Not Helpful 20 Helpful When I throw my darts they always go left of the target.

If you are right handed my first guess is that your elbow and forearm are not plumb. When I find I am not scoring where I'm looking I start at my feet and work my way up with good base and fundamentals.

Not Helpful 12 Helpful What is the best why to aim if you are right handed but left eye dominant? The claim that you should only aim with your dominant eye is totally false.

Many beginners fear the necessary loss of aiming during the backward move, but controlling this is only a matter of practice. There are only few successful players out who omit the backward movement, so it's another DO for 99 percent of us.

How far you move back is a personal thing, but it's good to move back quite a bit. If you find it comfortable, you can and should move back as far as possible.

You can avoid slamming into your eyes or nose by pulling back under your chin or beside your cheek the one in your FACE, of course!

A typical error here is not to pull back enough because control of this is difficult, but you will thus sacrifice a lot of acceleration space and accuracy.

Better practice more than going the easy way! Not that crucial as you might think. Do it naturally, and don't do it too fast or with too much force.

Do it smoothely in one move and all the way to the follow-through. Remember the elbow coming up. IF you do wrist-snap, then your hand goes forward in this phase until full extension of the whole arm in follow-through.

As wrote above, with the right throwing this comes naturally and is no big problem. If you have troubles with the release point, then most probably you do a technical error, don't raise your elbow or don't do follow-through.

This is the critical point for your wrist-snap. The hand must be in the correct angle to the forearm here. If it has travelled further, your dart points down at the release point, and this - well, refer to the 'The Dart' section at the end of this document.

A very important thing. Remember the shotgun-rifle comparison. Best way to follow-through is to end up with your hand aiming at the chosen target.

A typical error is to let your arm 'fall down' after the release. Just keep your arm in the straight and slight upward position for a moment, just like in the above animation, and you will get the feeling for follow-through quite fast.

Objects of desire The dart: The real object of our desire is last here. Remember to guide the dart along the parabolic curve. In geometric language, your dart must always be in line with the throwing parabola's tangent in the point of intersection of your hand and the parabola mph, hope that's even near You don't have to tape your throw with a video camera and draw a perfect parabola on the TV with this neat everlast paint to achieve this, it usually develops quite naturally thank god and our stone-throwing-and-thus-animals-killing-for-getting-yummy-food-ancestor's genetic heritage on throwing parabolas.

Keep your attention on the following things: The dart points up in the aiming position. This angle is increased in the backward movement, and it then decreases steadily in the acceleration part.

When the dart is released it is nearly horizontally, but still points up a bit. In every circumstances a dart that points down in any of the throwing phases is bad, bad, bad!

Almost every beginner's dart wobbles considerably. Pro's and expert's darts hardly ever wobble. Wobbling can have the following reasons: The dart is accelerated in a curve that's rather anything else than parabolic.

The dart's flight-shaft system doesn't meet the aerodynamic requirements. Use standard form flights and middle length shafts for a first trouble-shooting.

Somewhere in your throw there is a noticable 'yip' of the arm. The dart points downwards somewhere in your throw. The dart points too much upwards.

That's so far my analyzes on the mechanics of dart throwing. As always, I encourage you to write me your thoughts, questions or simple 2cents in the feedback section or through normal mail.

How to throw Darts:

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